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Machinery Documentation

Welcome! The Machinary documentation is a reference aimed at system administrators. It will give you an overview of Machinery itself, its subcommands, and usage examples.

What is Machinery?

Machinery is a systems management toolkit for Linux. It supports configuration discovery, system validation, and service migration. Machinery is based on the idea of a universal system description. Machinery has a set of commands which work with this system description. These commands can be combined to form work flows. Machinery is targeted at the system administrator of the data center.

Work Flow Examples

Inspect a System and Show Results

Export System Description as HTML

Inspect Two Systems and Compare Them

Fully Inspect a System and Export a Kiwi Description

Fully Inspect a System and Export an AutoYaST Profile

Fully Inspect a System and Deploy a Replicate to the Cloud

How to upgrade a SLES 11 SP3 system to SLES 12

For a more detailed overview see General Overview.